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HSD – Halozyme Therapeutics Inc $HALO

Today’s hot stock of the day is Halozyme Therapeutics (HALO).¬†This pop was due to an announcement that the company has appointed Helen Torey as the new president and CEO of Halozyme Therapeutics. HALO was up 16.60% on the day.

Halozyme Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company, which engages in the research, development, and commercialization of human enzymes. Its research focuses on human enzymes that transiently modify tissue under the skin to facilitate the delivery of injected drugs and fluids, or to alter abnormal tissue structures for clinical benefit.

Halo Therapeutics

Disclaimer: I currently do not hold the above mentioned investment. I am not looking to add to a position in the above mentioned investment, within the next 30 days. I am not looking to take a short position in the above mentioned investment within the next 30 days.

ITD – @verge #theverge50

Today’s tweet comes a bit early in the day. @verge has tweeted out a link to a list they have made. The list is an interactive site. Verge doesn’t not do lists too often, and to quote “So without further ado, meet the dreamers, the informers, the noisemakers, the entertainers, the world changers, the old guard, and (yes) the next wave that make up the Verge 50”

This features a number of CEOs and influential people in 2013. Overall a good read. Even for non investors. The article will also be re-shared separately as well.

Source: The Verge 50, Tweet