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Weekly Review

This past week, December 9th through December 13th, didn’t go as well as expected. We saw a record high at Monday’s close with the S&P at 1808.37. However, after that we saw a slight pullback through the rest of the week.┬áThis was due to the market worrying about what the Fed is doing. With some people thinking that the government bond buying will start to be tuned lower, there is hesitance that the market will still hold these tops if that happens.

The DOW and the S&P dropped 1.64% on the week, as well as the NASDAQ falling 1.51%. The weekly jobless claims were slightly skewed due to reporting errors for the two weeks previous.

Some highlights of last week; Facebook set to join the S&P 500, GE announces dividend increase, Federal Government passed a budget bill. Big market movers; Twitter up 31.26% on the week, Adobe was up 9.51%, and Atlantic Power Corporation was up 8.15%