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This is the debut of the Marry, Fuck, Kill, investment style. Start off with three big names Google Inc (GOOG), Apple Inc (AAPL), Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) .

Marry – Microsoft

Microsoft has made plenty of sweet, sweet money and we love them for it. Given plenty back for a long time now, just like a good partner should.

Fuck – Google

Google has been on an absolute tear since it was started, but it only has so much room to run and it can’t go on forever. Best way to play is get in while they are low and vulnerable, let them pop them dump them. Get some of that sweet nectar while you still can.

Kill – Apple

Dislike Apple products, dislike the company. They are gold digging whores of the investment community. Never give anything back, and rip you off by charging too much for their products.

Looking to add better polling system later.